FRANK OCEAN – LENS | Mp3 Download

FRANK OCEAN – LENS | Mp3 Download

FRANK OCEAN  comes through with a new song titled LENS .

Frank Ocean premiered his latest Beats 1 “blonded RADIO” show which featured a brand new track, titled ‘Lens’. It follow’s another new track ‘Biking’, released earlier this month. ‘Biking’ features Jay Z and past Odd Future collaborator, Tyler, The Creator. Two versions of ‘Lens’ were played on the show, with the second featuring a guest performance from Travis Scott.

Ocean also debuted ‘Chanel’ on an earlier “blonded RADIO” show. ‘Chanel’ was later remixed by ASAP Rocky. Chanel sees Ocean sing the lyric: “I see both sides like Chanel”. Chanel later responded to the song by posting an ad to its Instagram featuring the slogan: “We see both sides like Frank”. Another ad features the words “Ocean” and “Land”.

Stream and download song below.


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